Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soaring with Eagles - Shamanic energy - clearing negative space

~ Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss. ~ Douglas Adams

At the same time I posted this beautiful video... my note arrived on this event.
Scroll to the bottom. Wonderful.

Five years ago it was so hard to connect with others who had undergone a dramatic shift - either spiritually or in conscious awareness. I am finding more resources to connect to with each passing day... As I come across those, I like to pass them on. Here is an excellent resource for conscious creatives. Explore. The one that resonated for me is Janet Smith Warfield.

Heads up on a great guest. David Franklin Farkas is an intuitive who offers his expertise clearing and cleaning buildings of negative... or might we say counter productive... energies. -- I call it shifting energy... In his words, here is his description -- a gifted intuitive and spiritual healer, does remote energetic healing work clearing and protecting people, places and spaces. He works on cases involving buildings, land, people, events and situations of all kinds.

-- One area of interest I like: He also looks for public service projects, especially old psychiatric, tuberculosis and other hospitals, prisons and other places where many people lived and died.

Old mill buildings, schools, museums and historic homes which have been 'repurposed' are also considered. He has worked with downtown revitalization projects to shift the movement and vitality of neighborhood business. He clears many children in need, and returning veterans at no charge.

Check out the show on Talk Shoe 10/22/09. We hope to get together again for more talks. I'll keep you posted.

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