Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Of stuff and things upcoming - Dr. A.C. Ross and Leslie Scott

The weekend flew by and it was so beautiful here. Autumn color is in full burst.

One of the highlights was the Native American showcase featuring Arvel Bird and Edgar Cruz and a book signing appearance with Dr. A.C. Ross, aka Ehanamani, author of Mitakuye Oyasin, "We are all related." (The reviews.)

I hope to check in with him in a couple of weeks for an interview and will post the date when we are set. I still have a few projects to get set up before I do any more scheduling.

This week, the guest is the creator of the game Jenga. Leslie Scott is sharing her story of what it took to "turn 54 wood blocks into a worldwide sensation" in the book About Jenga. Nearly 50 million games have been sold... an astounding success. Was it easy? No. So what did it take to make it fly? Thursday we talk.

Jenga at the office... :)

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