Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Work in Progress - Giving Thanks!

Studying and taking a breather now with some of the information so that I can interview my upcoming guests.

Reading - We Are All Related. Working with Transform your life through Handwriting. Learning from Alan Watts. And reading a fascinating book on mysteries and anomalies...just for fun.

Got my material for the interview with Jon Saraceno - USA Today's Muhammad Ali Section - (Thank you!) LOVE the piece with George Foreman. Great insight and comments!

So many people to celebrate - we do not have lifetimes enough to share the wonder of their impact to the whole of our life experience. So I make connections and spark conversations to inquire about what I am given access to in the moment.

We are a whole not a piece or a disaffected part. Each is impacting all - know it or not. I connect with those who might offer a bit of inspiration or insight to chew on...and in some way, shape or form...I hope you are inspired to move forward and find reasons to celebrate your own journey.

Thank you for reading along and listening to the Conscious Living talkcast/podcast interviews. The people who make them possible are each blessings in my life. Best wishes to you for a Happy Thanksgiving!

~ We are all related - More.

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