Friday, December 18, 2009

In the presence of Divine Grace -- Animal Companions

December finds me working to catch up with all the stuff I set in motion for my blogs, art, writing, podcasts and everything else in my life. I look around to get more ideas to shift, sort through, or let go of those that no longer fit with my evolving vision of what I want to incorporate into the work I do.

Breaking for a bit from the Conscious Living podcasts - January is mostly booked, I continue to expand the PetSense blog and include others to contribute their talent. It is a work in progress.

Yesterday, seeing a Salvation Army bell ringer with her Santa Dog pulling a wagon -- attracting a huge crowd of SMILES and camera toting tourists - affirmed for me the importance of investing in projects that remind us the value of the world we share with all our brothers and sisters of spirit and soul in the animal kingdom. They evolve just as surely as we do.

Animals have always been very important to me - those who share my life now and those who have moved on are fondly appreciated and loved in deep gratitude; each has carved out a special imprint in my heart - I treasure them all.

We ask so much from our animal companions and they step up to the plate to deliver tenfold -- when we step back and allow it.

This story of a service dog shows just how much our animal friends have to offer when we stop trying to determine the outcome and guide -- while paying attention -- to let them show us just how incredible our results are when we choose to focus on "we"... and "us"...

Have a wonderful day. :)

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