Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nakoa's Woman - breathes new life into The Second Kiss

There are some people you intuitively know have a great story to share - beyond that, they also share a reality that mirrors your own. Given the unique life experience Gayle has had, I hoped we would find a spark of connection. We did. Listen to Conscious Living for the interview with Author Gayle Rogers.

Gayle had a near death experience when she was 7 -- she became psychic --- and she gained new insight into a higher plane and greater dimension of being that unites us all - as souls - in love - as One.

She interwove her multi-faceted spiritual context into stories that transcend time. Meticulous research helps to give a grounding but the metaphysical element creates a larger than life connection to the characters, the story and the author. She is in each tale.

The Second Kiss - topped the best seller list 30 years ago. Reissued w/a new title, Nakoa's Woman is back for a second helping of kudos... Incredible spiritual theme (carried into a more recent book: Gladyce with a C), Gayle's death experience adds life and light to everything she writes.

And from my own personal experience - without yet seeing her psychic info - reality is far more amazing than any fiction we can put to pen -- but it's in the telling and retelling of incredible stories that we continue inquiring and looking beyond what the mind thinks it knows and what the eyes insist is empty space. We are more.

- For the more detailed intro and background - explore her site.
- Customer reviews, her Amazon approval rating is outstanding.

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