Monday, January 18, 2010

The power of presence - and opportunity knocks twice

Is who you are today what you focused on - or rather - what you feared. Create your reality with intent and celebrate the results of deliberate manifesting.

Thoughts are things; and we have power over what thoughts we choose to focus on. Fantasy, fiction, trauma, drama, comedy, instruction, gossip. When we give our power away to external influence - whatever that may be - we lose the only thing that really matters: the present.

Free your mind from the lock step and you can do anything your heart desires. Be well. :)

This week's Conscious Living interview is with Gayle Rogers, Author of Nakoa's Woman. Her near death experience triggered a past life memory she then channeled into a best-seller -- 30 years ago. I am reading it now -- and it is intense.

Will the impact of her epic be just as dynamic the second time around? Why not? Well told stories are timeless. Apparently, the past can create a very wonderful present when given a useful direction. Be warned -- the ending is not one you will forget.

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