Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Transform your life with Handwriting

Welcome to 2010. Keep your eyes to the skies. Things are about to become very interesting. If the shifting weather hasn't already given it away, there are a few unscripted changes headed our way. Weather is the focus. Birds and animals are key. They are tuned into significant earth changes long before we catch on. Time to start paying close attention to details.

On the line-up this month for Conscious Living, Vimala Rodgers and how you can change your life by changing your handwriting. The kit Transform Your Life Through Handwriting is a compilation of several products.Vimala recorded two CDs offering descriptions of the meaning of each letter in detail. They're included with a guidebook, journal, and deck of alphabet cards.

Had a great chat with Paranormal Researcher James Presnell last week and hope to continue with that. I've worked a few Ghost cases with James and am fascinated by the gadgets that are part of the set up. It is nice to see quantifiable results for things I can only sense. However, we didn't get into the specific cases and some of the interesting stuff that brought up. So, it's out there for another show.

Have a great day and check out the talkcasts when you can. Booking February dates now.

Today's inspiration - Handstands

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