Friday, January 29, 2010

You are the Change you seek - know your code

- a quick message from the guides that I will follow up with resources.... If you so desire to check it out or determine what might be right for you. And it might just be nothing more than entertainment. -

The dream/vision: on the horizon is a shape in the sky - just above the treeline - that pulls together in fluid motion - caught me unprepared and so I saw the true form for a moment without trying to interpret what it was (as one would see a ghost).

It was an incredible flying machine with amazing winglike movements. Then the brain kicked in and I viewed a layer superimposed over that object as a flock of geese flying. Each movement was in sync with the giant flying object I had just seen and it disappeared. I was not supposed to see what I had just seen - nor could I tell anyone - because it is meant to remain hidden in plain view.

~ We are on the cusp of a monumental paradigm shift. What that means is that we are about to come into new knowledge/awareness that will shift forever the way we view our world and ourselves.

Let there be no doubt. We are living an extraordinarily enlightened timeline. Wonders are materializing before our very eyes. We are becoming One in our earth experience and uniting under common causes - becoming more active in seeking a greater prospective outcome for the whole.

Turn for a moment - the focus on animosity, tragedy and strife. In all of history - this is the first time we, in unprecedented numbers, have ever been able to connect with like minded others without so much has having to learn their language, study their history or travel to meet them face to face.

That in itself is drawing people who might never have had an opportunity to find common ground with others in their immediate circle to reach out to create new circles; and from those larger circles -and smaller circles - circles of all sizes are growing. New World communities are blossoming - blooming and growing.

We are undergoing - as a manifest society and in conscious awareness - a community of light beings - so incredibly powerful is this moment of spiritual evolution. We are transformed by it in such a way that all past incarnations are eclipsed as we take the new found awareness and walk it into our present. Best wishes to you in your becoming. Love light and laugh! ~ wendy

Welcome to the Light!

Examples of the new communities? - One is being hearalded by Miriam Delicado:
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Blue Star Prophecy
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**Join me for the next Conscious Living talkcast with and Ross Holcomb - who organizes vacation tours to view crop circles. He has his own unique viewpoint on ETs and such.

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