Monday, February 1, 2010

Conscious Connecting with Facebook

Two voices of Inspiration and wisdom - for those searching conscious connections, seeking validation on their own intuitive and divine insight.

~ Touched by the Extraordinary by Susan Apollon -

From her site: "As a Psychologist who has worked with those dealing with trauma, loss and life after life, my patients have shared with me stunning stories of amazing healings, miracles and their loved ones or divine and angelic beings finding ways to communicate their presence with them." Her book is the result of more than a decade of research.

~ Jean Houston In a recent FB note: "If the cosmos is a hologram, any change anywhere results in a change everywhere. All is within all, the totality present within each part, and each part fully connected to the whole. And if each part of the universe contains the immensity of everything, perhaps our universe is itself enfolded in a Meta-Universe, beyond our local laws of form, which connects us instantaneously to a vast cosmic system in which higher creative laws predominate."

--It is that Meta-Universe I have BEEN first hand. For me it is reality...and how wonderous!

And my own note on connections has a musical link --

~ INspired Music
- The Low Anthem -

The song To Ohio strikes a chord - not because it is identical to my experience but because it resonates and resembles the inadvertent twist of fate and love in my life journey. And the reverential tone makes me thankful for each and every moment I have been given for my present.

Life twisted and turned, I lived and I learned. Through a wonderful synchronistic spin of fantastical events, I am in love with a person I met when I was 14 and wrote for four years -- who departed-crestfallen-after being told I was married. It was a deliberate untruth. In an other counter shift, I thought he had dumped me.

Our guardians physical and non - most likely did us a big favor. Although we had a strong connection, we had prior soul obligations to fulfill and major life lessons ahead.

Romance interrupted, unconsummated - without so much as a kiss, what survived was a solid memory of the magical promise of contact and our friendship.

I am so happy he is here with me now. Some loves are best aged. :)

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