Thursday, February 18, 2010

Reviewing - going into year number 3 - Conscious Living is thriving!

Everything has its wonders, even darkness and silence, and I learn, whatever state I'm in, therein to be content. ~ Helen Keller

When I break the silence, I go in search of others who inspire me or help me to expand my horizons to see the world in a new way. Amazing to be looking back now on 2 full years of talk/pod casts on The system and my own process have been upgraded a few times. I began two shows, one with Artist Sandy Jorgensen, who joined me for the first year of shows. She's on the blog sidebar and now has a very cool art project with kids on YouTube: Art-felt learning.

We got to see what worked - and what didn't. :) I eventually discovered digital phone is a poor mix for this scenario... and had to punt a few shows! Originally, it was suggested we avoid cell phones but that wasn't a problem for us.

Skype and the shoephone have worked without a hitch. The shows run in real time and have not been edited... with the exception of one who got interrupted by call waiting. : ) Eventually, I may condense a few to offer some overviews and less me ... but for now they're raw audio and that is what it is.

While most of the guests are based in the USA, I have managed to connect with three from outside the country - Australia, channel Blossom Goodchild, Psychic/Intuitive Selina Khan, and the creator of Jenga, Leslie Scott. The downside of intercontinental calls aside from time is cost. So, for now, my focus is here.

I credit/blame the radio broadcasting background for my fascination with interviews. Having an opportunity to meet and interact with people I found fascinating was a great experience and when the job ended I opted to find a new way to continue connecting. Radio was very limited in terms of what was considered marketable so I am actually able to make better connections through the podcast route.

If you are looking for a diverse group of spiritually engaged, consciously aware and enthusiastically innovative thinkers, there are some wonderful people to choose from in the shows.

Selina is a great new find. Master Sha is a treasure. Brad from Lone Eagle Ranch is a wonderful inspiration. Blossom is intriguing, as is our crop circle tour guide, Ross Holcomb. The synchronicity of events in his story of how he met is wife is fantastic.

UFOs are the focus with Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty and Barney Hill. She says her contact with ETs continues. For the art inspired, Jerry Wennstrom threw his life's work away and started over... timing couldn't have been better from this perspective because it happened while a documentary about him was in the works - capturing that transformative rebirthing process on film.

Intriguing shows cover the topics of reverse speech and remote viewing. There are many more to check out but these are top of mind as I write. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find some shows to pique your interest and enjoy the exploration - wherever it takes you.

I will continue to add shows and am booking now - focusing more on metaphysics and sustainability, Native American wisdom, Shamanism, Diet, and Creativity.

Please check back in and let us (the guests and me) know your favorite show. Have a wonderful day!

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