Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Living and breathing with awareness: Vidyamala

"The wise person is not joined with suffering and stress. This is the difference between the wise person and the ordinary person." - Buddha

From the book - Living Well with Pain and Illness, Author Vidyamala Burch is my guest today on Conscious Living.

When my life hits a roadblock or a stagnate point, I know I have trapped myself and become too caught up in my own small view of the world. So I open a window and take a look to see what others are doing and how they live and manage their lives. I get inspiration, insight and ideas. I make changes --- the path evens out once again --- and more doors appear.

Vidyamala lives with a spinal injury that gives her tremendous awareness in dealing with non-stop pain. She offers a very unique approach for those who live with pain. In learning how she has managed her life and transcended to incorporate a larger presence into her being, we realize one does not have to be defined by pain.

Our interview is only half an hour. For more information try this. And her site. Here she is in a quickie intro on Youtube. Enjoy!

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