Thursday, March 4, 2010

Never stop learning - Uncover your soul

~ Brotherhood is the very price and condition of man's survival. ~
Carlos P. Romulo

I love this feature story - India's Song. It speaks to the natural beauty already present in our auditory awareness without any superfluous overlay or artificial embellishment. There is great power in listening -- and magic in setting that recovered essence of soul to music. Watch the elephant dance. Find out why the child is told to practice until he is 40 before he performs his music...

Life stories and more on Explore.Org -- Showcasing this jewel is: LinkTV. I gave up on network/cable television to sift and sort through the plethora of offerings on the Net. This is a find. Enjoy.

I have to credit Nic Askew for tipping me off with a Facebook post to LinkTV. (Check out the Conscious Living interview with Nic.) I am a fan of his short films. (One of many.) A gifted storyteller - it is the deft way he manages to weave his subjects into a greater message tapestry while making it look like they are the primary thread of focus. Makes one wonder how that might also apply on a grander scale: One speaking for many and through many.

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