Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The reality you choose -- is HERE -- Quantum Knowing

Love, Laugh, Play!

Sit still for a moment. Gather your thoughts and your energy. Be...Quiet.

Q_U_I_E_T...... allow silence... ahhhhh. Relax. 5 minutes or 10. Just be. F_R_E_E...

When you come back from that, pay attention to what you think and how you can influence your experience as a result. Focus on a certain object, color or emotion and then see how quickly it slides into your reality. We do it without knowing: create our reality. And we pick up on the creations of others we bump into along the way. Sometimes we even get caught up in theirs and have to extricate ourselves from that. The challenge is to create with intention and improve that to consciously manifest our life experience.

And please know - while some are just now attempting this - there are others among us for whom this information is old news. They are already adept at this manifesting and creating stuff.

The first thing you learn in playing at this level, there are some here who do not admit to what they know until you catch up to them. Because - until you do - there is no point in trying to convince you of what you cannot believe until you have the experience for yourself.

The experience shifts you into that state of knowing where you are no longer blocking your wisdom. Only at that point are you teachable. So do your homework and a teacher will find you.

Food for thought... The Observer Effect -- there is no such thing as an objective observer -- and that wreaks havoc on the measurability factor.

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