Monday, March 15, 2010

A walk in the park -- Dogged

"If you want the best seat in the house, move the dog."

Anyone who has been to a dog park soon learns dogs are just one part of the spectrum one has to account for. The park is where the dog wrangler demonstrates his or her expertise... or not. Just like school, there are bullies and not everyone plays by the rules. Every now and then a scuffle breaks out. Attitudes get adjusted. And life goes on.

What happens when the dog is out of line is not the only concern. The real issue is what happens when the owner is out of line... There are no impartial coaches or umpires to call a foul. Every dog has his day and some owners learn variety in the routine is just as important as scheduling park play.

This story illustrates a challenge in doggy park world. Paw Nation. We all live and learn with our pets in tow. Each is teaching the other.

This post is a also a promo for my other site - PetSense... and Animal Communicator Nancy Kaiser who has spoken with me a couple of times on the Conscious Living talkcast.

Now working on a second book to help others work on their own animal communication abilities, her first is about how this unexpected phase of her life began: Letting Go.

Nancy has a regular Thursday column and is quickly adding appearances and influence to other sites as well. I am so glad she is sharing her stories. Not everyone understands how animal/pet communication works because hearing animals or having that intuitive connection happens differently for each of us and we don't have all the answers.

Some are better than others and they access even more information in unique ways. We can share, teach, show and tell but - when it comes down to it - nothing happens until a person takes the time to explore, investigate, remember and or develop that 6th sense, and apply the effort to learn it for himself.

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