Friday, April 30, 2010

Illumination from the Nightlights

- Lessons from the Energy of the Nightlight

Know your mind.

Those who intend conscious change and conscious creation cannot afford the luxury of idle thoughts.

Your life to this point is the result of what you have intended – every thought, idea, action, reaction, image, vision, impression. To change it? Reformat your hard drive and choose only those thoughts that offer the opportunity to upgrade your current level of being.

Those who show up in your life will reveal what you have kept in focus. For the best results, pay attention and you will see the connection.

What are you thinking? Claim your power to create the life you intend and let no one determine your outcome. It is done when you are.

Love and the light shines in, of and through you…

Illumination: One hand clapping often leads to another. ;)

Talking to Nightlights

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