Thursday, May 27, 2010

The bigger picture: Conscious relating to animals

There is a higher order of guardian beings - mostly unseen by humans - who monitor those who do harm and hold them accountable for the result of events to which they contributed that inflict irreparable damage upon our landscape and to those kindred earth residents caught in the backlash; on the opposite end of the spectrum, those who do harm are also held accountable for the result, in light of that knowing, for their inaction. - Talking to Nightlights

When trying to establish rapport with the animal kingdom, there is a learning curve. The direct route may not be the best choice. Patience and persistence will eventually produce a result. Nancy Kaiser demonstrates her unique (and successful) approach in today's column on PetSense.

Noisy Neighbors

Last Friday Hana & Saba went ballistic scaring me to death. I was working upstairs and didn’t know what was happening. I heard some intermittent tapping sounds but continued working.

Saba joined me, but Hana stayed downstairs. Several times I looked down to see what he was doing to make such a racket. Each time, he looked up, madly wagging that Lab tail.

Once I finished, I went down to fix our dinners. As I ate, the commotion started again. I knew instantly who the perpetrator was; a woodpecker! One of my neighbors had decided my log house would suit his or her needs. Well, this was totally unacceptable.

In an effort to restore peace and quiet, I sent a message to the over-soul of woodpeckers with a request to stop the “attack” on my home. The hammering stopped for a bit. It is ironic, because my house is nestled in the woods offering thousands of trees to use as a home or food source.

Hearing it again I decided to communicate with the individual woodpecker. He or she wasn’t too chatty, so I simply and respectfully asked that he or she leave my house alone and look elsewhere in the woods for whatever he or she was seeking. Again, the jack- hammering stopped but not for long.

The annoying rapping sound wasn’t the only issue. Each time it started, the dogs went crazy barking and running all over the house looking for the culprit. Talk about disharmony; this was the ultimate.

Once again, I connected with the little devil. I went into great detail explaining that my house wouldn’t contain any food or provide a suitable home for his or her, or their, family, since I didn’t know if it was just one woodpecker.

The third time truly is the charm. Apparently, my expanded, yet respectful, request was what was needed to send the woodpecker(s) off to hammering on the thousands of options in the surrounding woods.

Communicating with wild ones always provides an added thrill for me. To see similar results with the wild creatures as with our domestic animals reinforces my belief that we are all truly related; merely brothers and sisters like the Indigenous cultures teach us.

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