Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morpheus Road - the book tour

“Write without pay until somebody offers to pay.” - Mark Twain

Life is in hyperdrive at the moment. Moving, reading, downloading a huge amount of information about the latest redirect of my life path through automatic writing and trying to read the book for the next interview on May 10.

I like what I see so far and am finally realizing why I like material geared toward the teen reader. The fantasy stories, such as Harry Potter, focus on unique and unexpected plot twists. They don't have the fallback of seduction scenes. Thank you! (Smile.) Author D. J. MacHale is doing the tour for his newest book - the first in a series - Morpheus Road, The Light.

And why was I drawn to this book? It's a ghost story. Clearly, Mr. MacHale likes his job. Am looking forward to talking with him next week. I believe in ghosts. So does his newest character. Where that will take him, we have to read to find out.

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