Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lights on the Path - The Living Soul

We are soul and we are more than what we seem. - The Nightlights

On the show today, the topic is - "What happens when we die?" Claudia McNeely has an amazing relationship with her daughter Samantha. The quirk? Her daughter died 4 years ago (June 10).

Naturally, the metaphysical aspect of the show opens the door to a few electronic quirks. Claudia's phone cuts out shortly after we start... She gets back on and the show continues without a hitch. I had a preview with this last time I worked with Claudia - and suspect her daughter is just enjoying herself and adding her own input.

When I tried to connect to the internet this morning, the air card said I wasn't a member of the network. I punted and used it on another computer and when I returned to my computer ... somehow my "membership" was restored. Yes, it looks like coincidence. And, yes, there will be logical explanations. There usually are.

The other piece of the equation is that the mechanical/electrical glitch events happen more frequently when I am working with others who are mediums, psychics and intuitives and the topics are ghosts, death and/or spiritualism.

Then again, I parked my car in a public parking garage yesterday and the light above it went out as I pulled into the space. I returned to my car three hours later and the same light went out above my car when I stepped into the garage. Lights are the reminder that my spiritual connections are present wherever I may go; I am light and I am always in the presence of light - even when it appears dark.

One of the most useful resources for this topic of life after death is the Near Death Experience Research Foundation. Somewhere among the show archives is an interview with Jody - and the story I mention that has incredible details of a near death experience where the person is shown two possible outcomes - including dying - is Anita M - an extraordinary story.

There are now thousands of stories. This one describes being less than thrilled at being told she had to come back.

These are the standouts: Exceptional accounts.

Here is one - Kathy W NDE 5/30/10 - From Australia
- All this time I felt like I was accelerating toward the light and as I approached I felt myself unfold like a flower, although I had no body. As I unfolded I felt it, the Love, which was like nothing I have ever experienced before.

Even now I cry when I talk about it as my system feels like it's going to overload from just the memory. I was enveloped by this light and felt one with everything, all seeing, all knowing.

It certainly wasn't what I understood of God as an entity, but maybe it was better. It gave new meaning to that saying that God is Love. The love was like an energy that connected every molecule in the universe.
- NDE at childbirth


Sandy Jorgensen said...

Thankyou for sharing Wendy, I love stories like this!

Marion said...

Stories like this are my favourites, Wendy, thank you for sharing them. I tell them to my hospice clients, if they want to hear...this post has sent peace to many people!