Friday, July 9, 2010

Conscious Living - Gulf Coast Response

Catastrophic events force us to grow beyond what we have claimed as our limits. The current crisis, disaster, catastrophe in the gulf coast has forever changed that area. Weather will continue to alter the dynamic of the coastal region and most likely force some to relocate to find work. Others may locate there to help with cleanup.

Whatever the longterm impact, the short term is a giant mess. Where we can redistribute human populations, our methods with nature are more complicated, and again, less productive in the short term. There is no quick fix for this.

Humans can choose to relocate. Animals aren't so lucky. Plants, same deal. This was their house. That house is no more. Nature is SOL.

I had already integrated more eco and environmentally focused content for Conscious Living but I am now adding content featuring guests who have something to add in terms of solutions to this new world arena we have found ourselves in - where - in the blink of an eye, life as we know it is no more.

What can we do to avoid such future scenarios? Can we change our consumption habits? Do we have alternatives: material and in how we view our resources.

We have one planet. Someone will live with the legacy of our missteps. We CAN change now. The changes are physical and metaphysical: mind, body, spirit. Who is part of the solution and that new world view? Listen and maybe we can find that out or, at the very least, contribute to that element by connecting a few dots.

The goal of my show is to offer opinions and content that focuses on solutions rather than criticism. I welcome those who can add to that equation.

Monday, we will begin: Conscious Empowerment for the Gulf Coast. Love, light and blessings to you, wendy

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