Monday, July 12, 2010

Focus on Conscious Empowerment - Deepwater Response

We live in the wonderful age of information overload. Finding a credible source is the challenge. Incredible sources are the gravy.

The scope of the Deepwater disaster is large enough to create opportunities across the board for those who are looking to volunteer or even trying to secure a job. You may be more qualified than you realize. Where to start? Here are some helpful links. Some will also be listed on the sidebar.

Deepwater Horizon Response

NOOA Response

Bird washing station - live feed

And, given I am free to include my own view of what might be helpful -- from an alternative perspective - this video incorporates Masaru Emoto's prayer for healing of the water. Aloha. Aho! Namaste.

has the same message.

Messages from Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

If you have a credible source to include, please add it to the post.

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