Wednesday, July 14, 2010

No place like Home - the Joy of Horse Wisdom

*This horse legend is from Chinese culture - The Good Luck Horse story was told prior to the Hsia Dynasty -- very old...

picking up at the end -- "Good luck - Bad luck horse, however would put an end to this war. Wa Tung chose to ride him into battle, but Good-luck Bad-luck horse ended up reasoning peace with the other horses and convincing them not to carry their masters into battle.

And this is what he said "Brothers, cousins, friends… we are all relations here. I am married to one of yours and all of you are wedded to my strength of purpose, my power. In war we more than the humans suffer the most.. . . Today Brothers, cousins friends, we shall not die; we shall live. We shall carry our people, these foolish men . . . so close to one another that they will be unable to fight."

And so it was done, and peace was made and from then on Good luck - Bad luck horse was called only "Luck" and his wife, No good mare, was called "Luck's wife." (Hausman 55) *Web Source

In speaking with Brian Reid about Horses Know the Way Home, it is clear how much he loves his animal companions. Brenda Lee, when you see her in the videos and photos, is extraordinary; a beautiful being. Her energy is so vibrant and playful. Those initial images captured my interest and led me to investigate more about Brian and his projects.

I really enjoyed our talk on Conscious Living and hope you - if you love horses or have the slightest interest in learning how to develop a better insight into the magic of how animals read their surroundings without the benefit of a written language, Brian is a great resource.

Here's the gang playing at the beach. Enjoy!

Conscious Living is heard on Talk Shoe and Empower Radio. Details are also listed on the sidebar.

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