Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And so it goes - conscious creation

Stop anticipating the ordinary and you leave the door open for the extraordinary!

Of the pieces I submitted to the American Chronicle, two of the most viewed are on Ghosts and the Bose-Einstein Condensate. Go figure. I have taken a break from writing on Examiner while they go through their reconfiguration. And it has given me more time to focus elsewhere. Somehow, I feel much more at home posting on my own blogs and leaving the columnist role to someone who can offer the local aspect they are seeking. Local seems to feel limiting; my home is the Universe. I keep getting distracted by the big picture. ;)

Thanks for checking in to the shows on Empower Radio and Talkshoe - While you may have heard the recent content, there are some other gems hidden among the earlier interviews. And, be warned, none of the shows are edited or cleaned up. When the dog barks at the mail carrier... it's all there ... You won't smell the brownies baking in the background or see my triple delight fruit smoothie... when I spill my latte on the keyboard and jump up to miss the overflow... I remain under the audio radar. I have enjoyed each and every one of these shows and hope you find something to like in the library.

The show highlights Inspired Minds and creative life choices...guests include Inspiration Author Guy Finley, Remote Viewer Joe McMoneagle, Astrologer Nancy McMoneagle, Former NASA Astronaut Story Musgrave, Networking Guru Dr. Ivan Misner, Artist Jerry Wennstrom, SparkNW Innovator Leif Hansen, Psychic Ainslie Macleod, Cartoonist Revilo, Harp Music for Pets - Alianna Boone, One-the-Project Director Ward Powers, Face Reading Expert Julie Cox, New York Times Best Seller Maria Snyder, Child Art Prodigy Akiane, Twin Souls Author Elizabeth Hill, and many more -- we're into the third year on this project.

My focus is expanding to include more content on Sustainable living and Organic/Eco/Planet friendly endeavors. In addition to that, I am learning about Beekeeping with my life-companion Andy. We caught our first wild swarm and very few were harmed in the process! Andy was amazing! So, no lack of quirky stuff to talk about. The metaphysics keeps it lively. :O But I don't always know how to talk about that - so I live it until the words work themselves out. To find out more about how that plays into all of the above, read my book Talking to Nightlights... or not. The shortcut is reading the blog. But you might miss some good stuff that way. ;)

Now, back to looking for more cool content and interview opportunities. Have a wonderful day!!

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