Thursday, August 26, 2010

Conscious Living Coffee Break Webisode -- that's a mouthful -- Cheers!

~ Like music and art, love of nature is a common language that can transcend political or social boundaries. ~ Jimmy Carter

The perk of doing this podcast/blog thing is I can be mobile -- like right now -- I am sitting with Andy in Border's coffee shop. He's showing me some really cool deck designs. So far, we are leaning toward a wood fire hot tub. The Green Tea Latte is ready and my upload has finally synced.

We are learning so much from our bee project. I am amazed at how they work and how different the honey tastes when they have access to a greater variety of plants. INcredible flavor. City bees actually produce a better honey for that reason.

I fell in love years ago with Mesquite honey from the Verde Valley in Arizona. What we've sampled so far is just as flavorful. So -- here is a vid with an update on the ever-changing hive design and our rain barrels.

We had to add another to give us enough to carry over between rains. We experimented with a box type composter rather than a pile in the yard: Fail.

Barrel number 3 is earmarked for compost duty. I am liking these barrels. :)

How green are we? Let's just say, we are learning to slowly decrease our grid time. And value as luxuries some things we took for granted = high pressure outdoor water hoses... baby steps.

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