Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Divine Connections and 2012

Cover of Cover of The Divine Name
There are no accidents.
Today's Conscious Living interviews are with sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman and the guys from May I Be Frank - Gregg Marks and Frank Ferrante.

Seeing the film in a packed house was a wonderful introduction to Frank. The good news is that demand continues to grow for their wonderfully inspiring story of transformation.

Talking with them is a delight. The positive results continue to bloom. We talked because they are returning to Kansas City ... with a newly tweaked ending.

That, we don't talk about. Just let me say the story continued to unfold after the film wrapped. Adding that element to the tale adds yet another layer of texture. Just like life...the story unfolds in the living. 

I posted my notes on Jonathan Goldman on the Talking to Nightlights blog. Anyone who works with light body energy healing will appreciate his approach to using sound healing on the chakras. Go there for the details.

It is the Gregg Braden connection I followed up on after speaking with Jonathan to see if there was anything else I might add. Gregg offers the Foreword for The Divine Name and uses Jonathan's audio vocalization in his presentations.

Given we are talking about transformation, Gregg's information on 2012 seems to resonate.  This segment addresses 2012 and the changes we are undergoing. Maybe some of this information will strike a chord with you.

If I have an opportunity to speak with Gregg, I will certainly ask him if his life has turned out anything like he had envisioned before he dove into the spiritual element of his journey. For me, the spiritual element kicked everything into high gear. That's where the true magic lives.

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