Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cheeze Wizardry!

~ When you want to discover who you are - stop thinking like everyone else. ~ me 

I have no problem finding the common thread ... maybe that is why I am always on the lookout for the alternative string. The interviews I choose are part of that but I really don't have a recipe for what I am after, just a sense there is something to add to the overall conversation and possibly ... to stir the pot.

Empower Radio continues to evolve and, to that end, I will soon have a chance to upgrade the sound content of my shows. Talk Shoe has been a very good resource to allow me to keep up my contacts and add more connections but, to go forward, improving the technical aspect offers a better product.
Have had a few quirks where guests were blocked. Have no control over that. Adds to the incentive to switch the format.

Upcoming guests include Madeleine Walker, an amazing animal communicator from the UK, Jill Dutton - Publisher of Evolving Magazine, Lorna Byrne - author of Angels in My Hair and -the soon to be available- Stairway to Heaven.

I also look forward to revisiting some of the earlier interviewees when the new system is up and going! Thank you for listening.

An example of the creative mindset I am inspired by ---

Open your mind and if nothing else comes of it.... just enjoy the breeze! ;)
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