Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thanks for giving ...

~ Exclusively oral cultures are unencumbered by dead knowledge, dead facts. Libraries, on the other hand, are full of them. ~ Huston Smith

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It might be those cultures are also empowered with a different sense of ethics in the sense that if one were to rely too much on what is available in today's oral content facts would also suffer.

No matter how highly we regard the past, it is the present where we are fully empowered to create any future we can envision.

Given how quickly our world knowledge continues to compound, it is nice to see where some of today's inspiration originated. Libraries are alive with a flow of new content and new facts... People, and the stories they give life to, unfortunately, are on the clock.

What drives me to interview people is their story -- hearing it in their own words, and whatever flavor, color or character that highlights is a study in the art of living. I am so lucky to find wonderful characters to share a few moments with -- we are the light of life as we live it. Each day is our work of art.

Certainly there are many techniques I could use to extract different bits of information. Certainly, I could shift the conversation at any point to amp up the titillation factor...or to delve in to areas the might border on invasive but why?

In the interviews you hear on Conscious Living - the intent is to deliver a basic theme of ease, candor and trust. The person being interviewed is given a safe space to share whatever information they feel passionate about. I may not agree or challenge their opinion. I want my guests to share rather than take the defense/offense.

The result is a time capsule ... it may someday offer a moment of reflection to see who and what drove the cause at the time. It's great to provide a venue to explore information and glimpses of a lighter perspective than what currently exists in mainstream media.

Thank you for listening. Life is too short to hold focus on the negative or to add to an already overflowing fan base for doom and gloom. Whatever drives you, I hope you find something along the way to light your life ... and when someone asks you to share your insight... you will paint the world in wonder.

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