Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wake Up - the movie - A whale of a tale about reality

How do we envision our future, our present, our reality? It's all about timing. Who we are at the time of that envisioning creates a set level from which we view the totality and who/what we think we are. There is a way to gain a larger view.  

We are programmed to respond to certain symbols, cues and clues. After that, it's our call. Rather than switching on the snooze alarm, 2011 is the year of acknowledging those subtle responses as a trigger to a wake up call. Wake Up and reality may be absolutely nothing like we envisioned.

For each and every one of us that wake up thing will be different. Jonas Elrod woke up. We're set for an interview March 9th on Conscious Living. Here is his story -

WAKE UP: Movie Trailer. Watch more top selected videos about: WAKE UP, Jonas Elrod

Jonas says, "This journey helped me process not just this sudden ability to see and hear the extraordinary but also to get on a path of understanding. I don't claim to have all the answers -- it's still unfolding for me -- but what I learned in Wake Up dramatically changed my entire perspective on everything." - More from Jonas on Huffington Post - blog. To learn more about the movie - Film

From my own vantage point, wake up calls are not always easy to respond to. Some require great personal sacrifice - if only that in regard to ego. Hitting snooze certainly is more comfortable.

But when you allow all happens here for a greater purpose, accept the call and trust the need, the reward in personal growth and inner empowerment is nothing less than extraordinary. Jonas joins the living, breathing, enlightening examples of that. 

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