Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Animal Communicating with Madeleine Walker

From the Findhorn Press bio page:  

Imagine being in the ocean, eye-to-eye with a 40-foot whale. What if you could ‘hear’ what it has to say? This is what happens when a 50-year-old single mum embarks on a spiritual journey across several continents in search of wisdom from animals.

In turns moving, empowering and entertaining, The Whale Whisperer is Madeleine’s tale of her extraordinary adventures, where she battles to reclaim her personal power while communicating with wild animals such as elephants, humpback whales, white lions, and dolphins.

I interviewed Madeleine on Empower Radio - Conscious Living. You may hear our conversation here.  

To experience the connections Madeleine shares is an extraordinary blessing and a wonderful inspiration for anyone who wishes to discover how to open their own hearts to the wisdom of spirit in all manifest form. We are a wonder unfolding like the rose, with no idea our true potential until we see it reflecting in the stories of our brightly costumed and uniquely designed co-creators on this planet. 

Working with the accompanying Audio meditations is to inhabit a shared creator vision of the connectedness we can link to when directing our conscious intent to become stewards rather than pillagers of this extraordinary habitat we have been born into. Madeleine's soothing voice is the perfect tool to deliver that clarion call. 

Blessings and light to all who find themselves drawn to read and listen to these invitations to soul awakening. Now is a great time to become more fully aware and answer the call of Gaia and all of her sacred beings in form and non-form to live and love the potential we are evolving with every shared encounter. 

Thank you to Madeleine, her nature, animal and spirit guardians for opening a door to the being we have been born to step into.
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