Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cleaning the Bowl - The Light calls us Onward and Upward

Shared wisdom, with love. Aloha!

Hank Wesselman has been given a tremendous gift, a blessing from the Big Kahuna - in every sense of the word. The Kahuna is/was Hale Makua - a highly revered Hawaiian Elder.

In his latest book, Bowl of Light, he tells the story he was meant to tell. He talks of how his writings about how his own spiritual awakening included an interweaving with Hawaiian culture and sacred (as in "do not share this-secret") tribal knowledge triggered the encounter and subsequent relationship with an authentic, indigenous elder who lived the path and - in undisputed endorsement of Hank - left his walking stick as a supreme gesture that Hank is carrying forth the genuine word and teaching.

He is an engaging interview with an empowering message reminding each of us that we are our best teacher. We rise and fall, all of our own accord. Here is a brief intro from Hank on the Bowl of Light...

Hank joined me today, offering a more detailed version of his initial meeting with that enigmatic Hawaiian Kahuna including his understandable trepidation of just such an encounter. He tells it well. Hear that conversation and more: Conscious Living on Empower Radio.

Find out more about Shamanism and the life of the modern mystic at Shared Wisdom

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