Thursday, July 28, 2011

Artful Living - Higher Guidance and Conscious Ascension

What is it like to work with guides who help to give us challenges and support as we navigate our experience on this plane of being?  

Each day is a work in (now) creation.

I wait a moment and suspend my thoughts to become open and allow for a dialogue. I release the sense that I need to be thinking or doing anything else but focus on the present moment.

I breathe and become calm. Then, I tune in and listen... Images flash, words pour, energy flows...

"Imagine your best day and make it real. Or simply imagine a wonderful day and give it permission to accompany you into the dream plane. We are conscious beings - creating our reality with all that we do mentally, psychically, emotionally, physically, in whatever realm we wander.

The first act to harness is judgment. Stop labeling, organizing and categorizing. Suspend the need to identify and classify. Don't KNOW it all. Become new to the day. Open a window to "what if" ... After that, a door opens that allows entrance into the higher planes.

One of the first requirements of a spiritual traveler is "do no harm" ...

That essence is seen in the energy of the light-worker (in whatever form or non0form) and all else results from whether one is engaged with the higher mind/soul to provide or offer his energy for the good of the greater.

This is a challenge when one has been living life in the veil that light and dark are opposed. When one sees the two engaged in a beautiful dance, one begins to open to greater mysteries and leave all that physical baggage, drama, judgment, dead weight behind.

When the time is appropriate - things happen. The most unique ingredient we bring to the equation beyond love, compassion and gratitude: Enthusiasm.

Explore the reality unfolding as the gentle shift in consciousness ripples through the waves upon all in the manifest plane. There is an awakening. Remember you."

Now comes a quietness. The flow is complete. I say thank you to all whose energies are helping me to make the higher connections and go about my day. In Love, Light and Joy. I wonder.

And I run off to refine my part/play with my art. What new awareness can I bring into my day... ???

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