Thursday, July 7, 2011

Conscious Momentum

I am trying to engage my inner limber. 

There are no accidents. I woke up thinking I needed to get the show ready for the next session. It might be that I would simply address metaphysical topics and explore how to listen to spirit guides and guardian angels. Every date was booked thru August except the upcoming week. I left it open for some reason.

By now, you know my life includes listening to guides on a daily (and nightly) basis. I heard "get out of the house... Do an errand and take a different route home. Go to a place you don't usually visit and then come home -- we will guide you."

I was seeing a coffeehouse - but it is out of the way - so I only visit when I am in the area. Today, I was being shown I needed to be in that area. Off I went on my outing, curious about what it was I was supposed to connect with this.

On the suggested return route, I intently searched every frame of the scene to determine what it was I was supposed to see.

I thought I had bits and pieces. Graphic Arts, ribbons, images on material. Some of that played into my desire to add a new element to my art but no one thing seemed to grab my full attention until I saw a dome house I have always enjoyed because I lived in one as a kid. By now it is so familliar, I simply smile as I drive by ... not seeing it as anything more than a frame of reference.

Driving by it from this direction made all the difference in the world. I noticed a sign in front: "I am learning to fly." What? "Yes!" I heard and  felt the connect. Okay, I need to find out more about that.

A Google search connected me with Sumya Anani and we set up an interview about her program. I got an invitation to tour her building and try an Aerial Yoga class prior to the interview. I purposely kept my mind open to allow the experience to just be a new window..because..other than walking Gracie, I have no regular exercise program and it might be a bit intimidating if I think about it from that angle.

Add to this -- there was another connect with this experience that I had not registered until after I went to see the facility. I had a dream that morning, prior to the little road trip.

This is part of the dream: I was given a view of a woman, toned and slender, with a darker complexion than mine. She was coming to a performance. They called her the fan woman. I followed because I knew I really wanted to see her show and entered a room that was separate from the stage. Others in front of me pulled the curtains across except for a small window but the curtains were also transparent and we could see through while their view of us would be limited or even obscured.

The set up in the building had the exact curtain view I had in my dream.

When you listen to the interview, you can hear the wonderful enthusiasm and positive energy in her voice. As a teacher and trainer, she is vibrant and engaging. What is so amazing about Sumya is how she got to this point in her life.

One detail includes the coach who signed her up for her first boxing fight - giving her three weeks to train. At a turning point, she needed income and the match paid $400.00. She won and started her boxing career. Sumya Anani is a four time world champion boxer and an incredible role model.

I am grateful for the opportunity to experience Aerial Yoga. I could not have described it as well without being present for the class. In my case, there was a mix of new and advanced students and an abundance of positive reinforcement. Each who was there had something to learn and something to share.

As with any excercise routine, there is a bit of stretching and coaxing needed to get your muscles used to new moves. I certainly felt the burn. Pluses were having a cushy mat to land on and a cool down suspended in the silks at the end of the session.

I found Sumya by listening to my guides and trusting the need to go a new direction with open eyes, open heart and open mind. I had to be willing to allow the guidance to lead me on a new adventure as it has done so many times before.

In so doing, I discovered a wonderful connection with a fascinating person. I hope you enjoy the show with Sumya. Word has it she may soon have her own program on Empower Radio.

The kicker: What had Sumya been thinking prior to meeting me? She was considering reviving a radio show that was shelved when the economy slowed and the rest of her project continued to expand. I put her in touch with Empower. The rest is - as always - a work in progress or just another amazing day in Conscious Living.  

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