Friday, July 29, 2011

Dreams Awake -- spiritual drama opening doors to wonder

“Mount Shasta, a vision of immensity such as pertains to the vast universe rather than to our own planet.” – James Dwight Dana, 1849

What do we really know about reality if we choose to conduct our days as if the only thing that mattered was creating a bulging bank account? We get caught up in the cycle of making money to spend money.

The quest for money is a great derailment when the metaphysical requires a belief that all needs are provided in ways that have nothing to do with financial net worth. A huge challenge, as the material world presents the collaborative view that wealth is success and payment in some form, usually monetary, is required for the right to establish a space to call home.

What magic can that be -- providing for us without giving any prior hint as to how that can happen? And that mystery is why such movies are made. We can choose to explore beyond what the manifest/physical plane is presenting us in solid form.

After all, we are part of the non-physical element engaging in a cameo role to assist all souls perfect their/our unique challenges.. And if we are good at this...none of us is the wiser...until we drop the form.   

From the site: "Essentially, this is a spiritual mystery about learning why we could be here on earth. The underlying lesson being that magic is one of the fundamental, underlying properties of reality."
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