Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Intuitive Living - Accidents aren't...

First thing you ask when the unexplained and extraordinary starts to make a regular appearance in your life - Am I crazy? --- After some exploring you will find others who can - more than validate - share their own experience and inspire further exploration... 
Leslie Dunham is a Graduate of the Berkeley Psychic Institute. First thing she told me when she called was that it was a wrong number but she wanted to know exactly what it was that I did. (She found a listing for me under Intuition and Insight.) I explained that I help others with psychic or metaphysical issues and other types of services and she told me about herself and why she made that call.
It sparked a great conversation that included her sharing that she chose to keep her gifts low key after experiencing some weird Men in Black encounters after she inadvertently provided readings for family members of Osama Bin Laden.

We talk about it and a whole lot more on Conscious Living...

I originally booked (in May) The Psychic Twins, Terry and Linda Jamison, and had them slated for the first half hour. I was thrilled Leslie called because her information would easily dovetail into the second segment. Then, late Tuesday evening, the conflict arose. No Psychic Twins. They had been double booked.

Turns out Leslie was my plan B before I knew I needed one. Accident? No. The segment with the Twins will be rebooked and I look forward to that but I am so glad it worked out to make a connection with Leslie.

If you are experiencing any of that quirky stuff that happens as one begins to unfold and test their psychic knowing, she has some great tips and insight and might even be able to give an assist. She taught after graduation from Berkeley and is in transition now, reconnecting her spiritual contacts.

I am glad I had the open time. Life works miracles when we give ourselves permission to allow for unexpected redirects. And, until I do make the connect with The Psychic Twins, I have an article on them that will post on the American Chronicle after the editor approves it. (Thank you David Baker. He did the work, I posted.) You can check them out in a recent interview to find out more about them or read Psychic Intelligence the new book - a #1 best seller and you'll be up to speed when the interview comes around.

Here's to a life filled with happy un-accidents.

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