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Psychic Medium David Baker -- a quick review

We are all that... and M-O-R-E ...

The dark days of feeling like an oddball or an outsider in our experiences with psychic abilities are gone now that we can connect and share our stories through the internet. It's a great opportunity to find new information and improve old talents - and meet others who are on similar paths of exploration. And the best is always yet to come.

Before I post the piece on The Psychic Twins, let me take a moment to share this article.

I interviewed David Baker on Conscious Living about his transition into the role of a full-time Psychic Medium. I also happened to write about that in The American Chronicle.(October 21, 2008)
So it makes sense to lead with this story and then follow with the piece he sent to me on The Psychic Twins.

..... for as long as there is light..."

"We are here to remind you that pain and fear are not the only methods of growth; that you can more elegantly grow through joy and love. . . that you create your own reality . . . that there is a God/Goddess/All That Is who loves you, who knows your name. . . and that you love good enough"


Greater numbers of people from all walks of life appear to be expressing an interest in learning to become better educated about activating intuitive receptivity to a level that can be fine tuned and pinpointed to a source.

In response to requests for resources to help guide and further explain how an individual can improve his/her intuitive ability, we'll jump in, accepting that you are already aware of your own intuitive sense.

It is my experience as an intuitive that we humans, in addition to the physical body, exist in an energetic state, a light body. In that expanded state of awareness we can connect to physical and non-physical forms of consciousness. We get intuitive information because we already know it on some plane of awareness.

Opening to the intuitive sense opens us to other metaphysical senses as well. First goal: Clean up your thoughts. You will attract and emit less toxic waste.

To improve your intuitive connection, start paying attention to all those things that seem to be related but don't make sense. Coincidence is you drawing your information to you. Set the intent and you will receive information in the form of (the short list - there are other examples as well):

1. Books or articles appearing that have titles you are looking for.

2. Phrases that are repeated to you for no apparent reason.

3. Songs and words that you hear snippets of at just the right time.

4. Turning to the perfect program on television.

Remember, you can fine-tune at any time. If you prefer not to deal with certain info, block it, then change the channel and improve or better state your request. You are responsible for what you choose to think, your actions and reactions.

There is also a difference between creating reality and controlling reality. Intuition allows us to tune in and go with the flow of conscious creation. It is not a method of controlling it.

Anything you have an emotional attachment to or expectation about will create bias and reduce your ability to get an accurate perception. Doesn't mean it can't be done. Just note that and deal with it.

Learn more from others who have developed their metaphysical abilities and awareness - Ainslie Macleod, James Van Praugh, John Holland, Sonia Choquette, Dr. Brian Weiss, Rosemary Altea. Check out some of the Channels - Lazaris, Emmanuel, Ramtha, Abraham. Channeled stuff gives you an idea how it all gets mixed up and then translated through the personality of the person who gets the info. That same thing happens with psychics, mediums and intuitives (everyone).

In regard to ghosts, some check in and leave (relatives) - others stay to offer help or get attention - (guardians and guides). Each energy character is as quirky as a physical person, so the reasons for their actions vary. They do not always provide a name.

While most ghosts do have a sense of place and may choose to stay for various reasons, they can attach/piggyback or seek out others, check them out and then move on. They exist in the form of energy and vibration. While it takes a lot of effort for corporeals/those of us in bodies to haul our carcass from one place to another, spirit energy/non-corporeals can manifest with a thought.

Medium David Baker is an excellent example of someone who has lived a conventional life path, then shifted focus to hone his psychic skills and become adept at using his metaphysical gifts. Still employed as a Sheriff's Deputy, he offers a unique perspective and a wonderful sense of humor.

In an interview on the Talking to Nightlights/Conscious Living talkcast, we spoke with David about his new book, The Spirit Garden: A Medium's Journey, and asked about an up close and personal encounter he had with the ghost of a young girl while touring Alcatraz.

He invited her to hold his hand and she did. That "touch" left a very real impression: his fingers became ice cold until the tour ended and he broke contact.

I find it fascinating that David works as a Sheriff's Deputy because I think that adds a wonderful piece to the puzzle and demonstrates the fact that mediumistic talents are not limited to a certain segment of the population. We all have intuitive abilities and learning how to enhance and use those is a matter of desire and effort. Not everyone will choose to be a medium but you can learn that there is more to life than what we see with our eyes.

For one who does the work, the payoff is in helping others reconnect with a loved one, and even more importantly, reexamine the entire issue of death.

At the time of the Alcatraz encounter, David says he didn't know enough to try to help the little girl any further. Given what he has learned since, if the opportunity arose to connect with her again, he would try to offer assistance.

Each of us works our talent in a different way and some life paths bring unique challenges and or benefits as we learn to examine and expand our metaphysical abilities. David details in his book the many ways he worked to improve his senses and the people and teachers who most inspired his journey. David wrote about his learning process, the classes and the seminars that helped him to develop and expand his awareness as a medium and shares his feelings about those he was most inspired to learn from, including Doreen Virtue and James Van Praugh.

One of the synchronicities in my connection with David Baker, and most likely why I am drawn to his work; aside from the fact that he offers wonderful reference material for anyone who believes they might have mediumistic abilities, he told me his next book will include some surprising information about energy. I like that.

More information about David Baker can be found on My Space and You Tube.

As intuitives, we all have different pieces of the puzzle to convey. The most important goal for me is to express the message that each person must learn to work his gift with solid boundaries or to learn from one who does and to better understand how we are all connected and how we are in constant contact with a higher source. You may start with someone else's recipe. Ultimately, you are here to learn how it works for you.

There is also a measure of accountability for one's actions. If we attempt to manipulate then we find ourselves being manipulated in spirit or physical. What and how we think about things will also influence our methods and our experience. We are all learning, growing and evolving.

Science is part of the equation. An easy way to expand your thinking is to investigate and explore new research. Try Brian Greene, Michio Kaku and Bruce Lipton, - videos on Where Mind and Matter Meet - and Biology of Belief

Think the highest thoughts for the best results.

We are electric (The Body Electric). We can and do influence our Prana, Chi, life force, etc. with our thoughts. As we become more adept at intuiting and making those metaphysical connections, we see the evidence in the electrical elements of our physical environment.

My connection is with a loving companion energy source I learned to channel. That source works through me to influence the electricity in nightlights and other lights. It is not limited to one location or one type of light and the activity has been going on for more than ten years, 24/7. Why the lights? Because it can and because I do not control it. I believe. Some don't. And that is fine; it is my reality.

Life becomes so much more interesting when we lose fear and investigate without preconception or the need to be right. I wrote Talking to Nightlights at the beginning of an explosion of metaphysical awakenings for me and have continued to shift, expand and redefine my view of reality.

The book is me at the very first step in this process of conscious awakening to spiritual unfoldment. I share how I started a channeling ritual, worked to set my boundaries, expand my knowledge base for psychic/metaphysical phenomena and further develop my intuitive ability to explore the non-physical elements that co-exist in our reality. Why? Because one day the light came on -- and it changed my life.

We are the creators.

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