Monday, August 8, 2011

Paranormal weather window allows Contact

Curiosity endows the people who have it with a generosity in argument and a serenity in their own mode of life which springs from their cheerful willingness to let life take the form it will. - Alistair Cooke 

My guides are insisting I share this information. Due to the nature of it being impossible to validate other than compared to my other daily life events where this energy is less present, I can only share how it impacts my life actions and go from there. My situation seems to mirror some of the abductee/contact scenarios.

What I have noticed in the ongoing experiences where an unknown presence is trying to connect with me is how weather seems to play a significant role and that stands out as different because weather is not a factor in my contact with Ghosts/Spirit Guides/Angels/Deceased love ones.

An hour or so before the microburst hit, I had an intense headache. When I tried and failed to relieve it with an over the counter pain remedy, I knew it was an energy shift. Most of the time I can relieve an energy headache with Hematite. I didn't have any with me at the time. Coffee came to the rescue but I am having to limit that or it won't work.

Tremendous quantum shifts are underway now. A measurable indicator of the energy shift in a human body is heightened emotional instability with an increase in chaotic outbursts and destruction at one end of the spectrum and simple lethargy and mind fuzziness/confusion or disorientation at the other.

For some, the outburst events appear to be senseless or random. However, a shift in our energy field can be a trigger and one who is mentally/emotionally/psychically unbalanced is at risk of being influenced by this ongoing cycle of energy shifts in a manner that might produce an extreme negative reaction without the person truly understanding what tripped the trigger, so to speak. It simply feels like a build up of pressure. Thus, working to become more spiritually aware and intuitively oriented could be a lifesaver for many.  

I have undergone several major metaphysical shifts in awareness since I began working with the Nightlight in 1997 but a huge upgrade happened when I redirected my life path in 2009. Since then, I have had several encounters (Many have been shared encounters with my life-partner and most-likely the result of us working our energy together to be able to access or have an awareness of a shared reality.) with unseen others beyond my spirit guides and the angelic realm who have the ability to shift time and alter the appearance of my material world view.

They appear to be multidimensional beings, able to phase in and out of our reality. If and when a visual is present, the being is a fleeting shadow or translucent energy form. (I am told we also are multidimensional.)

The encounters were intense from March through May of 2009. Several similar events are happening again now. So I am assuming there is an energetic alignment that is reoccurring at this point in time to allow the events to again register a more intense interaction and influence upon my reality.

I have been told this activity is increasing and will continue to increase as we near the galactic center. (I looked up a support element and found this entry. It talks about the physics of 2012 and goes hand in hand with what I am being guided and shown from these others who are now visiting.)

Last night, another storm was moving in when we went to bed - but I hadn't made an effort to look at a weather forecast. I simply felt it coming. Gracie woke me up just before 1 a.m. and told me, by motioning her head twice toward the living room that we had company. She got on the bed. Chloe, the cat announced her arrival and joined us for the next half hour.

I was told not to engage the visitor. I left the room to go into the bathroom and returned. There were two small flashes of light on the wall beside the nightlight. The nightlight remained off. No activity - usually means something else is present or that I should be doing my own work without an assist from the light. Then there was a quick bright flash in the room, similar to a camera flash. Not lightening. That started later. I also saw two quick bursts just outside the window. Again, the experience lasted 30 minutes. At exactly the bottom of the hour both Chloe and Gracie registered an "all clear" and left the room.

If this were the first time, I would have been less sure that anything had happened. As I said, this type of event began in 2009. I would be given a telepathic message to stay in the bedroom as a shift was underway. All of the house pets would then appear and stay in the room for the duration, as if they also got the message.

Sometimes there were sounds  -- like someone playing a game -- squeaking tennis shoes on a basketball floor, coming from the living room. Unexplained flashes of light were also involved. Each flash appeared to originate from a point inside the house but there was no source for such a burst of light.

The next morning, a barometric pressure shift might be very noticeable - almost like a high altitude - the air feels dryer. And this recent event is consistent with that. (Minus the tennis shoe thing.)

I can't explain what I am going through other than to say there is a pattern and my guides are also present to help if I have questions or concerns. It doesn't frighten me but I am extremely curious. Do the guides have answers? No. That is for us to work out. And the engagement continues to unfold.

This synchronistic post from David Wilcock offers a glimpse into some of the reality I experience.

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