Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Adopted by an Owl .. behind the scenes ... (... the shift toward conscious being...)

The big is small. No matter how tiny...that speck of opportunity, miracles can creep through.

There is a quiet shift underway. Far removed from the stories of politics, personal drama and frightening prophecies, this story is how the animals and other inhabitants of the planet are gently creating a new awareness of who they are; demonstrating through their actions the ways we are infinitely connected, sharing so much more in common in the state of our being than we in our civilized definitions of social groupings have allowed.

Our teachers show up without warning or fanfare, expressing no expectation. Rather, they create an allowing for us to respond with authenticity in expressing that which defines the heart of our soul. When the time comes, our benefactors depart. In their wake? An open window: awakened knowing of an inextricable bond and footprints in our hearts.

Thanks to whomever is orchestrating this cosmic spectacle, there is a ripple of wondrous change going out, filtering among the human masses in a blessed wave of expanded consciousness... That ripple carries a playful invitation: "Come join the fun... of redefining "reality"... 

We share our planet with an amazing variety of incredible beings - each a wonder unto itself. So many stories to relate, so little time to experience everything firsthand...but the blessing comes through our sharing and  storytelling. In that way, we are given access to proxies who can help us see the potential unfolding as we build the bridge to conscious awareness, knowing and understanding of all our relations/creations. What an extraordinary life!

Enjoy Jackson the Owl -- providing his contribution to our growing... and inspiring moments to wonder...

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