Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The neverending story: (Reality) Creation

["A sudden gust of wind hit me at that instant and made my eyes burn. I stared toward the area in question. There was absolutely nothing out of the ordinary.
‘I can’t see a thing,’ I said.
‘You just feel it,’ he replied..
‘What? The wind?’
‘Not just the wind,’ he said sternly. ‘It may seem to be wind to you, because wind is all you know.’"]
- Carlos Castenada learning from Don Juan about the subtle realities of the invisible world in Journey to Ixtlan

... I thought it all to be fiction ... the teachings/world of Don Juan -- until my reality shifted and those "fiction" things made a cameo! Reality is ready for us .. and if we stop playing in time long enough - we can catch glimpses of it... even when the so called teacher has been determined to be a fiction.

Reality is that good.

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