Monday, January 30, 2012

Men in Black? Real AND Unreal

 “I believe (and I may not be too lonely in this) that personal experience is the only validation that really counts---even if imagined (as in: “Wow this tastes delicious, but, unfortunately, it might only be my imagination”). - Doug Boyd

No matter how loud the chorus saying scientific proof does not exist to validate near death experiences, ghosts, spirits, ufos, higher intelligence in a non-corporeal form and many other paranormal, supernatural, heightened consciousness and altered state awareness experiences, etc., having any one of those experiences is a game-changer. And it may be more realistic that the science for that proof has simply not been consolidated, organized and condensed into a palatable formula to facilitate mainstream awareness and peer validation.     

So be it; Science will catch up. In working with spirit guides, one quickly learns that for every known an equal amount of unknown lurks, prodding an awakening from the stupor of defining reality as only that which can visibly be affirmed on the manifest plane. The invisible stuff is ever-present, and sometimes, far more REAL.

Centuries of shamans have schooled us on the learning curve that goes along with having a tangible awareness of real and unreal. From their efforts we upgrade the known and designate real and unreal as equal planes of existence in terms of mind activation. From them, we learn no matter what the definition of the plane of existence, the result of the encounter produces a measurable, cognitive impact in the experiencer capable of shifting his awareness. Whether awake or in a dream, the mind is engaged and interacting. Results ensue.

Level of self-awareness may determine the type of spiritual encounters we undergo and what access, if any, to higher information is available as a result. And, as with our own formless, limitless spirit essence, information residing in that realm might well be limitless. We do the work and the universe tosses out another koan.

Unfortunately or fortunately, all the traditional hallmarks of success and brilliance in the manifest arena don't register in/on the non-linear, non-physical counterpart. We are challenged to explore our psyche and develop inner skills seldom tapped in our daily routine. Toss in a dose of metaphysical prowess and we may become adept players in the world of the so-called illusion. The flip side of entering that plane of awareness? We learn all in the manifest plane are living in the illusion. True Reality has more in common with the dream plane than our manifest realm.     

Reality shifted for me a long time ago when the metaphysical aspect of my living experience became more apparent, even when disguised as ordinary. Surprise is still part of the equation. So here goes - a mind awakening introduction to the altered states of Men In Black.

When it comes to the MIB experience, some have tried to identify a pattern (Nick Redfern). However, it might be that greater numbers of related encounters are under the radar because they are not clearly distinguished as such or they take place on a plane not often considered in the Men in Black category: Subconscious encounters such as a dream or lucid dreaming.

My own engagement with a group of men in black transpired in a vivid dream. I wish I could say the characters were as dynamic and charismatic as the Hollywood portrayal. They weren't but it was the no-nonsense demeanor that gave me the impression the message they delivered was important and I had some form of prior agreement that allowed them to make contact with me to trigger a response or an action on my part.

The scenario was simple so as to be almost insignificant. Significance was later underscored in waking time when the events of my daily routine acquired a paranormal flair and - in a mind bending display of an unknown element to influence our view of daily events - opened my awareness to the possibility of an incredibly powerful sub-routine playing alongside our everyday auto-pilot program.

I don't want to ramble on too long here in the set up and I may need to use multiple posts to related it anyway. So this is the introduction... to be continued. 

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