Monday, March 19, 2012

Conscious Living Interview with The Monroe Institute on Youtube

Changing mass consciousness is an individual responsibility. - Dennis Weaver

On this edition of Conscious Living we introduce an ongoing segment with The Monroe Institute. Carol Sabick de la Herran - Executive Director and President gives us the background on an organization that has been blazing a trail in consciousness research and intuitive empowerment for more than 50 years.

My history with The Monroe Institute actually starts in the late 70's. One of the many goals my Grandmother pursued, in addition to her other metaphysical endeavors, involved having an out of body experience.

My Mother and I have concluded the trip she took to The Monroe Institute would have happened in 1978 or 79 - where Carol says she would have been among some of the very first participants in the programs offered at the facility. I am so impressed at her initiative and her drive to pursue every avenue to help her progress on her spiritual quest.

In addition to the unusual and paranormal events I experienced as a child, I understood sound to have a tremendous impact on my being. I remember having a huge sense of loss or out of sorts when my favorite DJ took the day off. The voice, the music, the energy - gone; the entire day was derailed with that one element missing.

I thought sound was a more effective tool of persuasion than pictures or images. It wasn't an accident I ended up in radio -- although I could never picture myself being happy working inside a tiny room for a living. Even at that, I thought I fell into my radio career. Hindsight shows otherwise. Whatever the impetus, I learned a lot. 

If you wish to connect with your Intuition and Guidance, if you've ever experienced or wondered about Out of Body Experiences, if you need a week to quietly reconnect with yourself and your values, or if you simply just want to go to a place that will welcome all of your thoughts and questions with an open mind and an open heart, Visit TMI!

And if you are unfamiliar with the man who founded The Monroe Institute, here's a chance to make a connection and hear his story - a story that led my Grandmother to make more of her own metaphysical connections and try to initiate an intentional out of body experience.

That OBE didn't happen for her. However, the other research she did made her a positive role model and support for me. She believed in my results. I can't thank her enough for blazing a trail for me. So I live my thanks and keep blazing my own trail, knowing one day -- we will catch up on all these little details. For now, I am enjoying my opportunity to continue connecting dots.
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