Thursday, March 29, 2012

We are the MAGIC in the moment. Live and Laugh!

How to connect to the inner joy waiting for an excuse to unleash itself from the drama/trauma of the world and just flow? - My guides have told me when in doubt as to which way is up ... "Follow the bubbles."

"The Levity Project is a social movement creating a more buoyant society through laughter, play and celebration. Every month we create a new Micro-Movement mission and ask people around the world to film themselves doing the mission. They send us the videos of their individual Levity Projects, and then we collectively bring them together into one powerful video.

Katie and Ina (co-founders of The Levity Project) dedicate the Bubbles of Joy video to our moms, who both made their transition out of the physical world within a few months of each other this past year. In their honor we celebrate each moment on Earth, as their touching journeys and beautiful spirits remind us to be here now."

Follow the link to become a part of our next micro-movement and for more information on The Levity Project and The Levity Institute.
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