Thursday, March 8, 2012

What On Earth? Ready to make a bigger ding in the Universe

"I never set out to be a filmmaker. But the moment I first witnessed the awesome mystery and beauty of the crop circles, everything changed. Somehow, the circles and their secrets filled me with a sense of wonder, of joy... and of hope (for myself, for humanity, for our world). Above all, I was filled with the desire to share this incredible experience. With everyone. Everywhere. So I became a filmmaker. I made "What On Earth?" - Suzanne Taylor

Reviews for What On Earth -

- "A brilliant job of bringing all the mysteries together and thoroughly debunking the debunkers." - Graham Hancock, Bestselling author of "Supernatural" and "Fingerprints of the Gods"

- "Brilliant, groundbreaking... incredibly beautiful and powerful." - Whitley Strieber, Bestselling author of "Communion"

- "Everyone should watch this movie!" - Rosie O'Donnell

Cheers to Suzanne Taylor!

Here's a progress report, courtesy of her latest newsletter:

[This Monday, March 12, I'll be pre-taping Rosie O'Donnell's TV show, in Chicago -- will let you know when it gets an airdate. If you want to have a coffee clutch in my hotel room on Sunday -- or can steer any media to me to interview me -- let me know.This is the first time crop circles will have been the subject on a talk show where the public can hear what's really going on!

On April 19, I'll be live on TV for Colorado Public Television's pledge drive when they show What On Earth?

I could come earlier and stay later, so be in touch if there's anything I could do with you. If you'd let me know you are interested in a get-together, perhaps I could arrange something with my fans in the Denver/Boulder area.

This also is a first, the first time that the movie will be broadcast on TV. The nice thing about my movie is that it's an evergreen, where my DVDs won't get old unless something startling happens. If it's that CONTACT gets into headlines, no worry -- my DVD stockpile would fly off my shelves!

It's pre-planning time for my TEDx West Hollywood event. No date yet -- I have a year -- and the first thing is that I need a core team. If you haven't already let me know you might be interested in playing a formative part of what we'll do to make something great happen, be in touch.

Also, I'd like a catchier name than COMING INTO ONENESS. A free DVD of What On Earth? to anyone who comes up with something better that expresses that idea!

Part of the daylong event, with three quarters live 18-minute talks, will be one quarter TED talks recorded at previous events, and I'll also send a free DVD to anyone who points me to one of those that we end up using.
Also, I am looking for a live-in assistant, in West Hollywood. Smarts for internet social networking, blogging, and YouTube play are a must!

And get on my blog for the latest post, Bosnian Pyramids Challenge What We Know. It's a mindblower!
Happy trails on the road to the next reality...


One thing certain about all the stuff that is happening right now, there is a reason for the timing. 2012 looks to be a very interesting year. Hear my interview with Suzanne on Conscious Living - Empower Radio
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