Saturday, July 7, 2012

Owning your Truth...and your Creation

Creation is the most extraordinary thing. Possibilities are endless.

 Choose yours.

No matter how bold and unfathomable a position one can attain, it is simply a reflection for an element of divine other.

What happens in this Earth plane is a sort of separation process - a leavening. As each does his part to engage, integrate, evolve and become one again with the whole, a gradual revelation occurs and the individual finds himself drawn to that which has created him in a way he had not expected.

The manifest/physical plane shifts and turns and up-heaves to expose that which had been hidden for no other reason than to allow a sequence of triggered responses. Through those responses the one sees itself and the story plays you.

There is no reality other than that which you are (I AM). And to see that is the ONE perspective. To act that is the ONE being. To know that is LOVE.

What happens when the mind enters into the equation is an attempt to categorize, label, define, refine, make small and specific a greater awareness. And the goal to understand or attain self-awareness becomes a carrot to lead one into an illusion of conceptualizing everything that exists.

What is trying to become now is nothing like that which has come before. That is creation and that is what each here is being asked to experience and integrate. Who sees the point? Who sees the game? Who sees the misdirection? For every outcome an entirely different scenario comes into the frame.

Thus, at this point, in what we are calling "time" there is a period of "timeless" and what that means in terms of an outcome is determined by each and every one. How does it shift the reality of ONE? Growth. Love expands itself.

One can choose to enter into that arena or remain in the game. Divine Comedy.

Notes from the time-line - of Miracles, Magic and Grace - What we label as "timeless" or "no time" can also be referred to as Divine Intervention: Surviving a bullet through a "timely" assist.

You may personalize the specifics of the story to imply, infer, suggest: that which is coming has an outcome in your favor. And that is as much as can be given at this point-of-knowing.

All is ONE. .... The Nightlights ...
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