Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Exploring Consciousness with Penny Kelly

["The most important thing for you to remember as you look at these coming changes," said the little men in brown robes, "is that things could be so much easier if you understood why these things are happening, and if you worked with them instead of against them..."] ... ;)Penny Kelly ~ Robes

Finding people to share my extraordinary metaphysical experiences with has been one of the biggest challenges since undergoing an awakening in 1997. Although I have found no one who engages the electrical energy in the same way I do, I have discovered others who can demonstrate their own special quirks as a result of a consciousness upgrade - no matter what the trigger. 

Penny Kelly says, prior to her Kundalini awakening, she had no interest whatsoever in consciousness studies. That full-blown electrification of life force energy was a wake up call that shifted her interest in a heartbeat.

As for me, curious about all things metaphysical since childhood, I believed in a greater reality beyond what the world view offered and personal experience underscored it, no matter what the current scientific consensus. Ongoing, spiritually enhancing and life-saving paranormal experiences helped prime me for my Nightlight encounter. 

The result for each is - after whatever event triggers the awakening - fantastic awareness unfolds and the discoveries with each and every experience fuel a desire to grow and know more. 

Delving into the conscious awakening topic in different ways, Penny and I now have three interviews posted on the Conscious Living page on Empower Radio. The most recent conversation is about her book Consciousness and Energy, and the exploration of a multidimensional state of awareness. What happens when you enter a room and discover ten thousand other versions of you? Penny says she got lost for a bit.
While on that page, you may also find other topics of interest. Choose whatever appeals and go from there. My goal is to keep the flow open and provide a variety of unique perspectives on conscious awakening and spiritual exploration. (Join us December 19th. We'll talk about Robes.)

Gracie -- amazing -- as always. 
As each journey is specific to the individual, the pieces of one person's puzzle may not provide a definitive resolution for another. And that is not the intent. We learn through personal experience. Our own answers are played out through living them into being. 

The current mystery in progress - what do animals see when we see nothing at all? 

When the energy shifts for me to do my show or work with a client who is highly sensitive, my dog prefers to be either in the yard or sequestered in the bathroom. 

After I ended the show with Penny, I discovered Gracie, unable to convince me to leave her outside for this session, left her paw prints in the bath tub. 

Animals see, sense and know things we do not. We are challenged to find a way to explore, engage, share and value that. So we start with a new note for remembering at square one: Consciousness is not limited to humans.

Enjoy the show!
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