Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Dog Named Leaf - Conscious Living with Pets

Pets have a very special purpose - their mission is accomplished regardless of whether it becomes "known/accepted" or not. They exist to help elevate humans to a greater awareness of the multidimensional embodiment of consciousness. Allen and Leaf are yet another demonstration of the greater life/heart connections pets can awaken in us when we choose to allow them to be co-creators/teachers/students/partners rather than -- domestic servants.
Allen Anderson and his wife Linda are the creators of the Angel Animals Network. To date, they have written more than a dozen books about how special animals are in our lives. 

The project they chose is one that allows them to pool their efforts and work together, collecting many hundreds of stories and working thousands of hours to relate information that helps us define in no uncertain terms our love for those who steal our hearts by offering the greatest gift known to the humans of the world: unconditional love. 

Our animal companions show us our love potential (through their modeling) and the very real need to reconsider the lesser role we have assigned to the animal population of the planet and, at the very least, the need to expand our concept of what it means to love.

Allen gives all animal lovers a gem in A Dog Named Leaf - The Hero from Heaven Who Saved My Life.

A shelter dog; his label: Abandoned. It soon became clear Leaf would not be an easy keeper. He would require a human willing to commit to a rehab project, a human who could pour his life and soul into the effort. 

At the time Linda and Allen met Leaf and made the spontaneous, heartfelt decision to adopt, they could not know those are the exact requirements humans need to keep a firm grip on the world of the living: Loving fully, completely, without question, followed by an immersion into doing whatever  is necessary to manifest and demonstrate that state.

Leaf needed someone to love him, warts and all. Allen needed an assist to defy the odds that accompany a dicey health condition.

The story of how that transpired and how Allen's life-threatening health crisis actually worked as a salve and, in a very unique way, glue for the family, well, that's what the book is about. Known for sharing everyone else's story, Allen at last steps in to offer a very personal story of his own that includes his spiritual experiences, validated through various confirming interactions with Leaf.

.. The odd thing about this show - a reminder timing is perfect, even when the schedule reflects otherwise. We had to pre-record due to the fact I could only hear some sort of (soothing, actually) white noise at the outset. 

The producers and Allen could hear me fine however, so they worked on the audio while I shared my story about the Nightlights and why I feel so strongly about the spiritual connections we have with pets and their role in elevating our conscious awareness. The white noise stopped and the show rolled on. 12:13 pm 01/02/2013.

And so it goes... here is the latest installment of Conscious Living with my guest Allen Anderson... in the company of the divine -- ♥ -- the heart of living: growing our ability to love through pets and all those who inhabit the animal kingdom.

Allen told me Leaf listened to the entire show. I am deeply honored. Thank you to all those in all dimensions who are helping bring these life stories to our conscious awareness. 

The vision comes. In my mind's eye, I see a small, black, "piece of carpet" (as Linda would say) crumpled on the shelter floor. Short breaths, sharp mind, his thoughts are determined and clear. There is but one desire - so strong - it rings like a bell. One word, it resonates, the vibration unwavering, steady, pure. 

When Linda and Allen stepped through the shelter door, that vibe found them. That little, crumpled, carpet piece knew what it would require to make this stay worthwhile. While upside down in that moment, his world, he held his focus true. What word resonates to the chord of the vibration he sent out? Hero.

Allen Anderson is a speaker, author, and founder of the Angel Animals Network which helps people discover and benefit from the miraculous powers of animals. They are dedicated to promoting human-animal companionship and the idea that pets are family. Allen donates a portion of the proceeds from their work to animal rescue organizations and to fundraising activities.

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