Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dream catchers!

.. open your insight .. the multiverse is teeming with life forms and non-forms -- visible and/or available to those willing to begin at the point of unknowing. -- Wendy and The Nightlights 
See the bubbles? Those are the worlds we are chasing - even as we create them. As such, others are doing the same thing. It is the most extraordinary moment when the dreamers, the chasers, and the creators see themselves ... reality ... never the same. It is BIGGER!!!
Never let anyone convince you that this material plane is the only plane of existence or the most important plane of existence or that who you are is less than anyone else ... we are here now so that we can see, do, be, explore, discover, evolve. However that works for each and every one is important - because each and every one has a tiny miracle inside .. awaiting recovery ... turn your light on. believe. and you will see ... 
love ... wendy
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