Thursday, June 13, 2013

Dreaming Angels

God will prepare everything for our perfect happiness in heaven, and if it takes my dog being there, I believe he'll be there. - Billy Graham 
Dog vs. Car.
Crumpled, black mass lying in the street. The person who could not avoid hitting her stopped, as did I. Convulsing as life exited the body, she was alone.
I rushed to give comfort and I knew in that moment that is why I had to be there. Hands on her head and heart, her eyes remained open while electrical surges coursed through her limp limbs - I felt her heart quicken and then fall still. She wasn't mine but I wanted to stand in for her loved ones who could not be there for her in those final moments.
Her person was in shock - numb and grief stricken - not wanting to tell the 8-year-old daughter what had happened. I helped the animal control officer load the body in the vehicle, hugged the mother and thanked the hapless driver who wished it had not been him.
Every soul is special. Those who may appear to see nothing in their dying moments are present in spirit and very much aware of the prayers, care and grief on their behalf. I did nothing but hold a transitioning angel -- assure her she could go knowing she was loved for giving her best effort. 
Although they couldn't tell her at that moment... she would hear their thoughts and prayers in her new home.
Somewhere tonight, a little girl is dreaming about a beautiful black-lab-mix, named Cupcake, exuberant and joyful - a little white star on her chest - she darts, dashes, leaps and bolts - flying through the neighborhood on full throttle .. 
Goodbyes are painful but they are not final. Love always finds a way to phone home. At the very least, that's what dreams are for.

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