Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Light knocking - Illumination in a picture book

Illumination dawned, knocked, bowled me over ... and still, I looked the other way ... actually, I ran!

What can I say? It simply didn't fit the neat and tidy, linear, old school package I had filed in my head... where things are supposed to be defined, refined, organized, categorized and in some sort of repeatable, relate-able, reproduce-able, linear, time-space continuum... 

THAT is so - NOT - my world.

Finally, illumination chased me down, sat on me and ... in a blinding flash ... removed the need to relate a dot for every connection. __ REMEMBER __ celebrate the mystery!!

My vision made it ever so clear.

~ In front of me is an enormous metal wall full of holes. I "know" what I am seeing is a colander but - in this present state - the whole is impossible to discern (Google the story of the blind men and the Elephant). Confirmation requires collaboration and an expanded view. One must grow into the knowing or connect to a mirror that can produce the effect of creating a larger view. I find myself looking in a mirror. ~ (Or it could be that I foresaw the new Pastafarian Movement.)

It seems the whole of perfection is ever-present but our learning curve insists that we be fixed,  front and center, looking squarely upon the holes -- in sore need of an upgrade from such a limited perspective. Yep, it's in the program.

No use running to tag the connections and thread every loop in the (w)hole -- I simply suggest they do exist -- and affirm -- the best connecting dots are housed safely within the mystery.  

I engage light. The person who tries to write this stuff? She's the shadow element ... as it were ... gazing up at the stars in wonder, saying, "There is no place like home." -- welcome to Ahhs.

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Pictures, dots, words are imperfect. No matter. Ideas fly. I filter, sort and release some of the flotsam in my view and embrace  more of the light ... light that wakes me in the night, blinks me through my day, illuminates forward momentum ... ever homeward ... And so I grow. Aloha!

Food for thought -- Brandishing a wicked sense of humor, the Divine can deliberately present what appears to be a hot mess to determine whether we are indeed getting anything out of this delightful routine. Cheers for those who recognized the "Woman in the Red Dress" ... 

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Wendy Garrett said...

Here's a new mirror, as suggested by the vision ... http://newswatch.nationalgeographic.com/2013/08/22/photos-sharpest-views-of-the-cosmos-ever/