Thursday, October 17, 2013

Conscious Living Interview Highlights - Paul Davids and Lori Toye

October is flying by. Looking forward to enjoying the star power of comet ISON. Hard to believe it's already time for the big event.

An update -- This might make it easier to listen to the Empower Radio shows. We recently joined the iheartradio line up and that opens us up to a whole new audience. 

I continue to add new interview content and connect with guests who have fascinating stories to share. I don't have time to post all that but I note most of the details on Facebook.

If you are new to the show or the blog then check out these two guests for a preview. The library is full of content with lots of variety, at no charge. That's right. The shows are available to listen to for free.

This week's guest could easily have filled several hours. Paul Davids has an impressive bio with work in the film industry and several movies to his credit. 

We barely touched one topic I really wanted to explore [a UFO sighting with his kids in 1987] but had to shift away from to return to focus on the movie -- and what really rocked his world even more than a UFO encounter .. a visit from a deceased friend ... one who - while living - had given no credence to that concept. He showed up anyway. The trailer --

More about Paul and UFO stuff. Oh, I should mention it also features Bill Clinton. 

Guest number 2 is from a prior month -

Could upcoming Earth changes reconfigure the planet?

I have done a couple of interviews with Lori Toye  - In the most recent (Link), we talked about the new updates to her I AM America Teachings. She now lists 51 sacred cities throughout the world ...

Here Lori explains the features of those cities and names five locations in the US -

Visit the show library for her first interview segment  --

My shows are booked solid through the end of the year. I'll note more highlights in future blog posts.
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