Thursday, October 31, 2013

Haunting Halloween - Ghosts and Tales

Gadgets and tech toys are fun but it doesn't take a special Ghostbuster unit to find a ghost. Pay attention to your own instinct and you probably have a sense of whether a place has more inhabitants than those we can see.

I interviewed Tina Erwin about her book Ghosts from the Ghosts's Point of View. Here is her site. We also talked about the very real risk ghost hunters take on in their zeal to "find" a ghost. Ghosts are not deaf, nor hiding, nor are they incapable of discerning the intentions of the living. Yelling and bullying reveals more about the person than the ghost. Ghosts do have the upper hand.

Tina says she knew from a very early age she had lived before and remembers getting into trouble in school for wanting to know, if energy is neither created nor destroyed what happens to souls when they die? 

We got into trouble during the interview when we start talking about the power of frequency. The "live" show ended and we segued to record mode. Welcome to the brave, new world calling us to upgrade our conscious awareness. Ghosts remind us that death is not an ending. They can and do have an impact on our lives whether we KNOW it or not.

Ghosts share space with us 24/7. Learning more about them and being less fearful about revealing our encounters is a step in helping ghosts who are trapped and would like to move on to a higher plane or, on a more personal level, knowing when to quit a space that has too much ghost activity.

Here are a few ghost stories to set the tone.

Haunted Lives - Episode Three --This video includes a true story about a frat house at K-State University in Kansas. A ghost is said to have saved several residents from a fire. His name is Duncan and interviews reveal he has been haunting the space for a long time.

Inside Secret America -
Investigative journalists Mariana van Zeller and Darren Foster visit the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Kentucky in search of ghosts.

Unexplained Mysteries - America's Most Haunted places --
documentary on the scariest and most frightening haunted houses and buildings in the entire United States

True Ghost Stories - The episode is an investigation of Frederick Bligh Bond and his ability to connect to spirit information through the use of automatic writing and how that enabled him to do Psychic Archeology. The story focuses on his discoveries at Glastonbury Abbey.

Listen to Empower Radio Halloween night for an encore presentation of Jim Harold's Campfire and Tina Erwin Ghosts from the Ghost's point of view.

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