Thursday, October 3, 2013

Knock, Knock -- Greetings from the Mother ship

From time to time, I share what I get via channeling. Most of the time, I simply allow it as a personal form of conscious awakening and upgrading.

Light math  .... add heart.

When it comes to metaphysical encounters, no matter what the purported source, the nature of the connection is personal.

Each will interpret the information as he has been tuned. If one needs a certain presentation to be grand and dramatic, one can choose to adopt that reflection.

Information is simply that. We attach our drama and our limitations and go from there.

I try to allow that there are many interpretations and not jump to the first, second or third conclusion ... I try to wait to see what else floats to the surface of my awareness and my life circumstances and what next step that creates in terms of the information given...

Enough of a disclaimer. Here is information I was given in regard to recent events and what might be most helpful for me to share at this time. Read it with an open mind and ask that your insight and interpretation be for your highest good.

We use words I know because I am the channel and that is how it works. Most of us channel information from the database of the soul in current incarnation and we are always learning. Namaste!

The energy as we transition into fall has increased in such a way that I feel quite active and full of ideas and insight with the corresponding desire and drive to work on those tasks. It seems for me to be an extreme high energy phase. As such, I keep getting prompts to share more information. This time - I will. 

Again -- I position myself in a receptive state and ask -- What do you wish me to know and what of that awareness might be most helpful for me to share at this time? ---

Response from the Messengers of Light --

Ginormous. Do you understand? We are here to give you information and allow you to share if you so desire but you have full permission to disagree or to deny whatever information does not go with your principles. 

We have no interest in your bodies if that is your concern. (Okay, I had a brief thought in regard to alien abduction because I had been reading and preparing for an interview prior to sitting down and that always leads to an amusing redirect.) We simply listen and see what you are up to … but we do have another interest and that is the manufacture of arms. (It didn't seem necessary to follow that lead at the time .. I view it as pretty much self-explanatory.)

You (meaning: humans) give yourself little credit when it comes to metaphysical manifestation. We hear those thoughts and see the result come to pass on this plane. So there is no doubt you are creating your future but, here is the rub on that: You have no ability to discern which future plays out as you are not tied to the time-line and given many options to go different directions.

You are getting the hang of trying new interaction and that is how it becomes more prevalent...
a new way of thinking and being. Continue to test the theories and see what outcomes prevail. 

There are (non-physical) watchers among you who do give you information in advance and help to steer the course of your history but in the end it is you who decide how it will go. 

I ask, "What do the watchers do?"

Preserve the manifest plane that it may offer a place for many from other galaxies and other realities to come and interact.

There are intelligent life forces beyond which you comprehend who are indeed here among you but they do not require permission nor any sort of interaction with you. You may see them from time to time and have no idea what you have seen. That is how we know you do not have any awareness as to what your thoughts are drawing.

It is changing on a grand scale. You will see the results. This is a shift of giant magnitude. All will be impacted and it is the one thing that unites many of different backgrounds and lineage. It begins to dawn on you that life is not what you think.

You begin to see the connections and that is what changes your history. The real past is about to become glaringly apparent. There is coming an intersection with a huge orbital ball... and that interaction is a reality check. All will change. And you get an immediate upgrade to a new dimension in awareness. That which has been unseen is now a daily event. You are more.

The shift is upon us. There will be many deaths/transitions/exits and entrances but that is part of the natural flow of things on the physical plane. The world is a wonderful place to learn, grow and play. Enjoy your time. Aloha.

Date on the message was 9/29 13 ~ Now - for what it is worth ... the subsequent interpretation of this material (and all material we encounter and ingest) is how I/we/you create reality ... Give it a positive spin and we all win. ~
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Wendy Garrett said...

Hi Wendy - I tried to post a comment on your blog regarding the knock knock
message but was unsuccessful. Thank you for sharing it. Thought provoking and
interesting. Higher dimensionals have averred that us humans are masters of
limitation. What would we create if we a) weren't afraid b) really thought we
were capable of creating?

Hmmmm . . .


Wendy Garrett said...


Checked to see if there was a problem but it seems to be working fine for me.

my reply is --

The stuff I get from all of the constant interaction with the energy is that we --- as a species -- are learning at an amazing pace in recent history and we are creating beyond prior limits.

Some of that creation and our extraordinary abilities to upgrade our conscious awareness and self-healing talent is just now beginning to surface on a large scale

... the limitations at this point are self-imposed in terms of personal beliefs and access to wider sources of information ....

Happy manifesting!!